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How to Perform Room Exchange in eZee Absolute?

In eZee Absolute 2.0, we can also exchange the room if any guest doesn’t want to stay in the assigned room and exchange it with another guest room.

Note: The exchange room operation is only possible when 2 bookings have the same “Stay duration”.

Refer to the below steps


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How to change Bill to option in Invoice? / How to bill invoice on the company name in eZee Absolute?

Bill to Compan/City ledger: If the guest is from one of the companies and that company will pay the charges of the guest in that case company wants a bill with its name so we can do bill to Company/City ledger in the eZee Absolute.

How to access: In order to bill to company refer to the below video and steps.

Pre-requisite: If we are looking to a bill to company/City ledger, The company should be created at Company Database in eZee Absolute.

Screenshots :  Click on the reservation >> Edit reservation >> Folio Operations >> Folio Operations >> Bill To  >>  Search for Company or other Guest  >>  Select your entry. >> Done >> Save