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Error: You cannot checkin this room. It is Due Out Room

While check in from reservation, get below error

Reason: A guest, in this previous date’s room is yet not checked out and the room is in Due Out stage.

How to Access:
Go to past date and search the due out  transaction, checkout the guest and then, will be able to take new reservation/check-in, in the same room.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

How to Check-out a room in eZee Absolute?

1. Check-out from the Stay View.

Click on  >> Click on Transaction which you want to check-out.

Refer the screenshot provided below :

2. Check Out from the Quick Search.

Click on Quick Search button  from the pane.

Refer the screenshot provide Below :

3. Check Out from Edit Transaction.

click on Edit Transaction >> Scroll down and find Check Out button.

Refer the screenshot provided below :


Note: Checkout is not allowed until all folio(s) are not settled