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How to add Customer Display System (CDS) App in eZee Optimus?

What is Customer Display System (CDS) App?

Customer Display Setup File for Windows OS: https://autoupdate-optimus2-0.s3.amazonaws.com/cds-autoupdate/win32/Customer_Display_for_eZee_Optimus_Restaurant_POS_Setup.exe

Customer display can also be setup in an Android tablet. Customer display application is available in the google play store. Here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ezeeoptimus.cds&hl=en_IN&gl=US

The Home Screen (welcome screen) is the main screen of the CDS App in which the welcome message and the slideshow of the welcome screen images will be displayed when there is no order opened in the Optimus App.

Otherwise, the order detail of the currently opened order in the Optimus App will be displayed along with the promotional image if configured.

And finally, the thank you message will be displayed when the current order is settled.


  • Both the devices in which the Optimus App and the CDS App is running must be in the same network.
  • The customer display will only work with the Optimus App.

Step 1: Back Office > Settings > Virtual Device >> Add a new virtual device

Step 2: Add Back Office > Settings > Add Terminal
Note: Only one Customer Display can be configured in a terminal.

Once the user is logged in to the Optimus App, if the selected terminal has any Customer Display device configured then the Optimus App will try to connect the Customer Display System (CDS) App.

If the CDS App is running and is already connected with another terminal, then Optimus App will show connection error otherwise, it’ll get connected.

When the Optimus App will lose connection to CDS App, the Optimus App will retry the connection 3 times and finally show a connection error icon in the header, from where the user can manually retry the connection. Refer to the image below for the same.
When the user logs out of the Optimus App, then the app also disconnects from the CDS App