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How to export report in CSV format in eZee Optimus?

We can download any report in the excel file to csv format for accounting software with below steps.

Step 1: Download report in excel format

Step 2: Upload same report in the google drive

Step 3: Download again report with csv format

Step 4:  Xls to CSV format

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Items are getting failed by Importing Inventory items through Excel (CSV)?

One need to care about couple of things while importing inventory by excel.
1) Must have all the store items and menu items already created in the software. (If any new items are added in the file would not get added).
2) Unit of Menu Items AND unit of Store item, which are already assigned to particular item(s) MUST be the same. (Unit name should be same).
3) Name of menu item name and store item name should be similar, single space can cause a problem.