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How to update current stock in eZee Burrp Backoffice 7.0?

Store >> Item Configuration >> Cost and Stock 

How to Access:
Kindly follow below are the steps to follow.

Screenshot 1: Select the particular store from which you want to update the current stock.

Screenshot 2: Update the opening stock to update your current stock and save.

Screenshot 3: Before updating current stock.

Screenshot 4: After updating current stock.

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How to add store items tax in eZee Burrp?

What is the use of Item store Tax?
Store Item Tax is required to generating PO & GRN.
Taxes are paid for store items based on its category.

How to Access:
Please follow the below steps to add store item tax

Individual Item Tax Configuration:

Screenshot 1: Add Tax Caption

Screenshot 2: Set default tax percentage and exempt setting on store level for an item

Bulk Sotre Item Tax Configuration:

Screenshot 1: 
Manually ( Add Tax percentage and apply it)

Screenshot 2: Via Export Data ( Add Tax percentage in downloaded excel sheet)

Screenshot 3: Import Data ( Add Tax percentage in downloaded excel sheet)

Screenshot 4: Your Tax will display here and later you can update latest tax on PO and GRN 
Screenshot 5: 
PO and GRN printing affected with this changes. 

Below reports are effected with this changes :

1 – Cost Detail Report

2 – Goods Receipt Note Tax Report

3 – Purchase Analysis

4 – Void Purchase List

5 –  Void Purchase Order List