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How to set Zero prices and remove taxes for No Charge orders in eZee Optimus?


Many restaurants prefer to have ZERO selling price for No charge orders as it’s not a part of the revenue. To manage different rates for No charge follow the below process.


Step 1: Switch to the back end.

Step 2: Menu >> Rate>> Add No charge

Step 4: Go to Rate Configuration>>Select the rate plan >> Configure price and Remove tax.


Step 5 : Go to outlet >> Price settings >> Assign the rate plan in No charge order type




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How to add complimentary room in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is Complimentary room?
Complimentary room mean you don’t have to pay rooms rent and give to guest free of cost their services.

eZee Front Desk >> Front Office >>  Walk-in / Reservation / New Booking

User Privilege:
General Settings >> Allow to Give Complementary Rates

How to access:
Please refer below screenshots for more details:

Screenshot 1: Walk-in

Screenshot 2: 
Reservation / Booking

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:



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How to add open item as complimentary/ free/ no charge item in eZee Burrp?

How to Access:
Please find the below steps for making an item open as complimentary

Screenshot 1:
Add menu item as open Item 
check mark on Item Name Can be changed, Ask for Change Name, Item Price can be changed and Ask for Change Price. You may refer the below screenshot for the same

Screenshot 2: eZee POS Backoffice >> Click on 3 bullet points >> Option >> Display >> Receipt Settings 

Screenshot 3: Restart burrp and Punch open item as complimentary item but open item
Screenshot 4: Add new price for menu item – Punch item so it will ask to enter price

Screenshot 5: Select that item and set as complimentary item from the option

Screenshot 6: When you set complimentary rate, it will set item rate to zero as shown in below screenshot and you need to click on Finish Button and can make receipt

Screenshot 7: Now go to Reports view and open Complimentary report so it will show this item with modified rate into that report