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How to add the payment receipt from city ledger against room postings in eZee Absolute?

Path: Login into eZee Absolute >> Cashiering >> Cashiering Center >> Action: City Ledger >> Select appropriate ledger >>

Screenshot 1: (Cashiering >> Cashiering Center)

Screenshot 2: City Ledger >> Select the appropriate City ledger.

Select the City ledger then you can see the details for the selected City ledger.

Screenshot 3: Click on add new Payment >> Payment Type: Cash/Card/bank >> Enter amount  >> Comment >> Save

Once you will be added the amount you can see the Receive Amount in Credit.

Screenshot 4: If at the time of payment you want to assign the payment for the Guest then you can select the guest which are settled by the City ledger.

In the 4th step you can assign the guest for which you did receive an amount from the City ledger.

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How to add credit note for city ledger in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is Credit Note?
Guest stayed in hotel and settle folio on credit city ledger, Company has been credited a certain amount due to TDS / Tax deduction.
Set pending amount as credit note. It is not counted as his balance to cash or credit card.

Guest stayed 3 days and invoice bill 1200 post on city ledger. Company paid 1100 after deducting TDS.

Now remaining 100, you can settle as credit note to do mapping against posted folio.

eZee Front desk >>  Back Office >> City Ledger A/C >> Choose Account >> Right click on Account >> Credit Note

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Configuration >> Extra Charge

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> Rental >> Charges as Allowance Settings

How to access:
Refer below steps to add credit note

Screenshot 1: 
Screenshot 2: Here you can find your posted folio number

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4: