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How to map / assign the payment against the Folio in the eZee Absolute front

There are two ways by which we can map the payment paid by the city ledger // Travel Agent against the Folio.

    • At the time of making payment when you are doing the payment in the cashiering center, you can assign the Amount to the Guest Cashiering Centre
      Refer to the below information,
      Refer to the above screenshot respectively,
      when you make the payment in Cash / Bank and click on Save you will see the reservation which is settled under the above selected City ledger / Travel Agent.
      So you can assign the payment to those reservations,
      You have to put the amount which is paid for which Folio.
      Ex: in the above screenshot the City ledger Expedia paid you the amount 3000 for the Folio number: FNH470 so you can put the amount under the Folio Number: FNH470.
      in the above screenshot, we put the amount under the reservation and then click on Save.
      So the 3000 is collected against the Folio Number: FNH470.
    • If you did make the payment but not assign the payment against the Folio then you have to map them.
      Refer to the below information.

In the above screenshots, You have to click on the Received Payment >> Map Payment.

When you will click on Map Payment you will the reservations list which has been settled under a city ledger so you have to put the amount which you received against the Folio.

  • Manual: if you want to put the amount manually under the reservation
  • By balance: The system is fetching the Balance from up to down and balanced the reservation one by one after the amount is balanced then the except reservations need to balance in Next Payment.
  • Proportional: The payment is divided into an equal part of the reservation.
    Ex: The payment is 100 and 10 bookings are in the list than the 10 will be assigned to all the 10 booking 100(payment) / 10(Bookings) = 10 (Assigned amount).
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Absolute: City Ledger -> Folio wise Payment Mapping / Posting

Hoteliers who are using our cloud PMS, don’t have any provision to map city ledger folio transfer with a payment they receive from city ledger. So they don’t have any record of payment they are receiving from city ledger is against which folio. With help of this feature, they will be able to get such kind of information.

Please check attached doc for detail information and how it works.