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How to check-in existing reservation in eZee Absolute?

Check-in we can do in eZee absolute system from the existing reservation. Once the guest arrives at the hotel, the front desk operator can perform check-in operations in the system.

How to Access: In order to check-in a room, please follow the below steps and video.

Location: eZee absolute PMS stay view >> click on Transaction >> check-in button.

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Front Office >> Check In Guest.

1. Check-In from the Stay view.

Click on  >> Click on Transaction which you want to check-in. Refer the screenshot :

2. Check-In from the Quick Search.

Location: eZee absolute PMS stay view >> click on search icon >> search the guest details in search box >> click on that guest >> check In button.

Click on the Quick Search button    from the pane. Refer the below screenshot :

3. Check-In from Edit Transaction.

Location: eZee absolute PMS stay view >> click on Edit Transaction >> Scroll down and find Check In button.

Refer the screenshot provided below :

4. Check-In from Arrival List

Location: Click on Front Office >> Arrival List >> Click on booking >> Check-In Refer the screenshot provided below :

Report: Select Guest Checked In from the Report tab under Front Office Report.

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How to void a checked in room transaction in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

eZee Front desk >>  Back Office >> Undo Transaction tab >> Void Transaction

eZee Front desk Configuration >> Master >> Reason / Remark >> Category >> Void Transaction (Room Operation) 

How to Access:
You can perform void checked in transaction by following the below steps

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

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How to get Arrival, Departure and Reservation list in eZee Absolute?

1.) Reservation List: To see confirmed reservation from a particular date period, in reservation list, we can see all the reservation (Cancel, Void, No show and confirmed) and also we can see the reservation with there status.

2.) Arrival List: To see today and Future Arrivals for the Hotel.

3.) Departure List: To see Today and past Departure for the Hotel.

How to access: In order to access the Arrival, Departure and Reservation list refer to the below steps.

Location: Login into eZee Absolute >> Front office >> Reservation/Arrival/Departure List.

Screenshot 1:



Report:  We can see the Arrival List report for the check-in guest and Departure List report for the check-out guest.

1). Arrival List: In this report, we can see all the guest which will check-in into the system means those are not checked in yet, It is not showing the checked-in reservations.

2) Departure Report: The departure list report is showing the guest which will checkout from the hotel as well as the checked-out guest for that set date period.