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How to post no-show or cancellation charge from guest in eZee Frontdesk?

Reservation List >> Select particular transaction >> Right Click >> Mark NoShow or Cancel>> Add Charge (If required) >> Next >> Take Payment >> Save.

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Configuration >> Extra Charge

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to reactive reservation 

Screenshot 1: Mark no show or cancel

Screenshot 2:
Add cancellation charges (No Show or Cancel charge should be defined in the system under extra charges)

Screenshot 3:
Screenshot 4: Take actions for payment part as well

The reservation is cancelled and also payment is also made.



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How to void extra charge in eZee Absolute?

Sometimes, hoteliers post wrong extra charges, so if they want to remove from the folio, they can use the Void option to void/remove extra charges.

How to Access: In order to void the extra charges refer to the below steps.

Location:Edit Transaction/Room >> Folio Detail (Tab) >> Select the Extra charge >> Void >> Enter Reason >> Save.

User Privileges: eZee Absolute Configuration >> User >> Edit User >>  Privileges >> Cashering >> Add item to Open folio / Close folio / audited date.



Report: We can refer to the Void charge report in which we can see the entries with respective to the date on which the extra charges voided (means voided on system date).

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