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How to Configure Cash Drawer in eZee Optimus?

Step-1: Switch to Back.
(Path: Click on your user name >> Switch to Back)

Step-2: Go to settings >> Virtual Device >> Add Device
Create a device as Cash Drawer.

Step-3: Go to Terminal >> Edit >> Add Device Mapping >> Cash Drawer.

Update the details by selecting Type: Cash Drawer then click on “Save”.

Device Name: Name of the printer with which the cash drawer is connected.

Note* : Enter this code in cash drawer code {27, 112, 48, 55, 121}

Video Tutorial:

Privilege required to perform this operation:

  1. Switch to Back
  2. Terminal



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Can cash drawer can be used/integrated with eZee Burrp Version?

eZee Burrp Back Office >> 3 Bullet Point(Top right corner) >> Settings.

How to access?
Please follow the below steps.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2: Also, you can configure the same from Burrp:
eZee Burrp >> Settings >> Peripheral >> Cash Drawer.

Note: If you want to open the cash drawer on settlement then do below setting, 

Screenshot 3: Go to: eZee POS BackOffice >> Configuration >> Payments & Accounts >> Settlement Type >> Edit >> Payment Option >> Check-mark on Open Cash

Screenshot 4: Cash drawer should only open when a new settlement is done and It must stop to open in receipt reprint

Screenshot 5: You can open cash drawer without any settlement from here

How to enter cash into cash drawer by the cashier or during the shift?

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How to enter cash into cash drawer by the cashier or during the shift?

eZee Burrp Back Office >> Tools >> Utility >> Cash IN 

Cash In : Use to enter the amount of cash received by the cashier.

Cash Out: Use to enter cash given by the cashier for a different purpose during the shift.

It will be reflected on the Cash-In/ Cash-Out Report as well as on the cashier report, It will get added or deducted from the total balance.

(Note: Report will work only on the shift date wise and not on the basis of working Date) 

Details Report:

Summary Report:


Cashier report before Cash-Out:

Cashier report After Cash-out Operation: 

 (made cash-out of 100 – It will be deducted from the balance)