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How to add business Source in eZee Absolute PMS system as well as in channel manager?

Business Source: The sales and marketing department would like to do a sales analysis of the source of the business. Such information and analysis would be helpful to design a promotion campaign, marketing budget, or even helpful to determine what rate to offer to which travel agent. You can define your entire business source here and associate this business source with Check-In/Reservation.

We can add a new Business Source in the eZee Absolute PMS system from eZee Absolute Configuration. Click on the “Add Business Source” button and enter the name and the shortcode you want to associate with it.

How to Access: In order to add business source please follow the below steps.

Location: eZee absolute PMS configuration >> Master >> Marketing >> Business Source.

In the channel, the manager follows below mention screenshot steps from Old extranet.

Location: eZee Old extranet >> Master >> General >> Business Source.

Use this option to list down all your business sources. Use Add New button to add a new business source to the list. Centrix users will have to list all their OTAs (Online Travel Agents) here so that the reservation list shows the source of the booking. In case, you are using eZee Front Desk and retrieve your bookings from eZee Reservation to eZee FD, you need to make sure that the business source names are configured exactly in the same manner (case sensitive) in FD as well as Reservation for the bookings to reflect the source name in FD after being retrieved.

Note:– Once the information is added and saved, you can anytime edit the details by clicking on the edit option (pencil icon) in the action column.

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Configuration >> Access to Configuration Panel.

Reports: Select Business Analysis from the Report tab under Statistical Report.