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How to make a combo in eZee Burrp 7.0?

eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Outlet >> Item Configuration >> Menu Item >> Edit >> Other Option

How to access:
Please follow the below steps.

Screenshot 1: Select menu item checkmark on can use as set menu and save

Screenshot 2: Make a new menu item as the combo >> modifier group >> select set menu item >> select item >> save

Screenshot 3: Restart eZee Burrp >> Order Type >> Dine in >> Enter combo

Screenshot 4: Menu Item Sales Report

Screenshot 5: Combined SYS Menu Item Sales Summary Report

Screenshot 6: Menu Item Report

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How to set KOT printer in eZee POS Backoffice 7.0?

There are 2 different KOT printing settings available:

1) Separate KOT  – Multiple Printers

How to set Separate KOT (Multiple) printer in eZee Burrp?

2) Checkers KOT – Single Printer

eZee POS Back Office >> Tools >> Printer Template >> Windows or line printer >> Set  KOT template

What is checkers KOT?
 All Items prints from single KOT printer, the user can customize from Template Setting. 

Screenshot 1: By using Order Type

Screenshot 2: By using Burrp setting

Note: All the settings will be applied after restarting the software.

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How to add VAT number on the bill in eZee Burrp Back Office?

eZee Burrp Back Office >> Configuration >> Tools >> Printing Template

Add VAT number: eZee Burrp Back Office >> Configuration >> Cost Center >> Outlet Operation >> Edit >> Miscellaneous >> Registration 2 >> Save

How to Access:
Right click on header part to add outlet registration 2 and custom text (add your own text) options and save it. After saving all these settings, restart eZee Burrp and check the Bill.




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How to add user role in eZee POS Back Office 7.0?

What is User Role?
We can create new user for eZee Burrp, need to define his user role for privileges. We have to enter new user role name and we have to select parent role from the drop down menu.

eZee POS Back Office >> Configuration >> User Configuration >>  User Role

eZee Burrp Back Office >> Configuration >> User Operation >> User Role List >> Privilege

How to Access:
Refer to the below screen-shot to create new user role

Screenshot 1: Add new user Role

Screenshot 2: Define User Privilege

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