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How to reset KOT / Receipt number and prefix in eZee Burrp Backoffice 7.0?

What is reset KOT/ receipt Number?
We want to reset our invoice numbering with 001 as per new financial year

Example: 31st March is my last day of last financial year and 1st April is new financial year.
31st  March Receipt No. – REC1230
1st April Receipt No. – REC001

eZee Burrp Backoffice  >> Configuration >> Cost Center >> Outlet Operation >> Edit >> Numbering

How to access:
Please refer below screenshots to reset KOT / receipt number and prefix

Note: This action should perform on server machine

Screenshot 1:
1. Type – Auto ( Automatically Number will come) / Manual ( You have to manually add number on order)
2. Prefix – Text that you want before bill number
3. Start# – Your bill start number

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How to set different auto receipt no. in eZee Frontdesk & Burrp 7.0?

Currently, payment type single receipt number is used by Frontdesk and Burrp as per print. Here you can set different auto receipt no with below settings. 

How to access:
Refer below screenshot to create shortcuts.

Note: You have turn on settings from frontdesk as well burrp back office to set different receipt number.

Screenshot 1: Frontdesk
eZee Front desk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> General Settings >> Invoice Settings 

Scrrenshot 2:
Click on right top 3 bullet points >> Settings >> Option >> Display >> Print Option