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How to split receipt ( Amount, Quantity, Equally & Seat no.) in eZee Burrp 7.0?

What is Split Receipt?
This is division of a bill into two or more parts for a shared service. You can split bill or receipt between customer or bill payers.

There are 4 ways to split receipt as below:
1. Amount
2. Quantity
3. Equally
4. Seat No.
5. Quantity

eZee Burrp >> Order Type >> Dine in >> KOT >> Finish >> Make Receipt >>  Print& Finish >> Split Receipt

User Privilege:
User Operation >> Privilege >> Receipt Operation >> Ability to split receipt

How to access:
Refer below screenshots to split receipt.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Amount Wise 
Screenshot 3
:  Enter manual amount to divide your total bill into parts , you have to set all spited receipt

Quantity Wise
Screenshot 4
:  Here you have to enter Qty no. to divide bill into parts.

Screenshot 5
: You can divide your bill into equal parts

Seat No.
Screenshot 6:
Active seat no. from outlet operation

Screenshot 7: 
You have to click on seat no and punch item in KOT

Screenshot 8: Click on seat no.
Screenshot 9: