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How to update the rates from the eZee Absolute PMS APP.

How to update the rates from the eZee Absolute  PMS APP.

We can also update the rates from the PMS App.
Below are the steps by which we can see how to update the rates from the PMS App.

  • Client on the Menu  >>   Distribution.

  • Select the date (from the selected date 7 seven days we can update)
    Select the Source, Rate plan and check the button if you are looking to update tax-inclusive rates else for tax-exclusive you uncheck the option,
    And then tap on rates.
  • When you touched on the rates you will see the enter rate option below where you can put the rates which you are looking for an update,
    And for Stop sell when You will tap on NO, it will turn into YES. Which indicated that the Stop sell will be applied.
    So once you put the rates and enable the stop sell you can click on Update.
  • When you will click on UPDATE you will see the new information if it is correct then click on SAVE your rates will be updated.
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Error: -1: Tax mapping with PMS and POS are not in sync in eZee Burrp 7.0

How to Resolve:
Please follow below steps to check error

Screenshot 1:
Close error as click on don’t send and go to KOT, click on item to check tax bifurcation

Screenshot 2:
Tax should be same

NOTE: You have to map all created Taxes to Absolute 

Screenshot 3: Add Tax in ABS

Screenshot 4:
Add Extra Charge Room Posting and select above tax

Screenshot 5: Select same tax selection here