Print Form webexeption: theunderlying connection was closed exception etc. – Keycard.

If we see the above message while running eZee Host file of Keycard Services, we need to check if a user has admin rights or not for the Machine.

  1. This can only happen if the user who is logged in to the machine is not having the user right to run the service as an administrator.
  1. We can make some changes to eZee folder from our side by right-clicking on the folder and selecting properties.
  1. Select Securities – Click on Edit and Add a profile name Everyone, check names and give all the rights.
  1. We can perform the above operations and ask the client to restart the machine to check the changes.
  1. Even after restarting the machine, it gives the same error again while starting the service, we can inform hoteliers to log in with the main admin id of the machine as that folder is not accessible from that user.

The above solution should be able to resolve the concern with the given error. The client should be able to run the Service as an administrator if it doesn’t we need to ask them to log in with the main Administrator of the machine.