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Steps for Tripadvisor Connectivity

1) Login into Trip Connect panel -> Select “Your Business”


5) Select connectivity partner as eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd. & proceed further.

Tripadvisor will take more than 48 hours to fetch the data from the Booking Engine then the Client can view the Rates & Availability.

To enable Trip connectivity, we have to add the Cancellation policy into our system. The Rate Plan which is showing on the Booking Engine, it must contain  the Cancellation Policy. So, we have to add this Cancellation Policy in terms of number of days to all Refundable Rate Plan. Kindly add Number of Days where guests can cancel the Booking before arrival.

Note :- This changes required only for  Booking Engine Rate Plan.

To Change this Setting, Kindly go to the eZee Reservation–>Masters–>Manage Rooms–>Rate Plan–>Edit Rate Plan [For this property, below mentioned rate plans are for the Booking engine]

If Rate Plan is Non-Refundable, Kindly ☑ the “Prepaid, Non-cancel, Non-Refundable”. OR If Rate Plan is Refundable, Kindly enter the number of days to Cancel the Booking before arrival.Until the client/we did not perform this action, property availability will not show on Trip advisor, as it is fetching data from eZee.