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Service is Closed at your Terminal. – ID Scanner.

If we see the above message while fetching the ID scanner information from eZee Absolute while clicking on the ID scanner button or Mykad Button. we need to check some of the possibilities which are mentioned below.

If we see the above message while generating the key, we need to check some of the possibilities.

  1. It can be possible that eZee Host file is not running in the taskbar. We can start the service from eZee folder or if it is placed on the Desktop by running as an administrator.
  1. In rare cases nowadays this can happen if the client is still using windows 7. They don’t support TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is a must in running the interface.

In that case, we can ask the client to use Mozilla firefox and enable the below operation for TLS.

  1. Make sure that we place eZee service in the startup on windows folder so the service will auto-run on system restarts.
  1. We can check the Setting >> Other >> MyKad Settings, We need to make sure that HTTPS is selected in Workstation.

The above Troubleshooting will resolve the concern about the Service being closed at your Terminal.