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Remarks and their reflection in eZee Absolute and Centrix.

Remarks are used in the hotel for Notice or instruction to the guest,front office ( Hotel Staff ) and for other purposes.

Below are the remarks we can use in the system as per their reflection.

How to add a Remark.

eZee Absolute :

  • @Edit Reservation

Refer to the below screenshot for how to add a remark in Edit Reservation

  • @Walkin-Reservation Screen

Refer to the below screenshot for how to add a remark at Walkin – Reservation screen.

eZee Centrix :

Refer to the below screenshot for how to add a remark at eZee Centrix

Path : Go to bookings >> View reservation >> Remark >> Add remark


Remarks is like Notice or information or message which we have to access / see / show on the booking, With the help of remark we can save the message / actions / operations for the guest / staff / hotelier.

There are various type of remarks we have in eZee Absolute or Centrix.

Below are the remarks and information.

  • POS notes : The remark will show on the optimus at room service
  • Package : it is showing in reservation activity report as Sepcial also showing in print reservation voucher
  • Promotion : the remark will show under promotion in print reservation voucher
  • Check-in : this remark also showing on arrival report.
  • Guest folio : this remark will show on invoice.
  • Reservation : this remark will show on arrival list as well as on GR card.
  • House keeping : this remark will show on housekeeping module and arrival list.

The below remarks are we can use and we can see them in Arrival List Report.In Arrival list we can also see all the remarks or the selected records.

Checkout :
Internal Note :
Important Info :
Special note for Guest :
Payment Note :

Also we can export the remark from the booking in Excel sheet as eZee Centrix.

Refer to the below path.