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eZee Optimus Release

Categorize items on the receipt

We have introduced a new setting of categorizing items on the receipt. You need to enable following options in printing template module:

Go to: Back Office -> Settings -> Printing Template

Enable the option -> Group Item By Category. Post designing that open template, you will see 2 new sections name:
1. Group Header and 2. Group Footer

Group Header: This section is for giving the section header for item grouping, you can use {categoryName} tag for printing the category name of the item, this section will be repeated for all different categorized item punched in order.

Group Footer: This section will print summary part for that category. Like {group_subtotal}, {group_totaldicount}, {group_total}, {group_taxvaluebyname}, {group_taxvaluebyrate}. It will be repeated for all different categorized item punched in order.

Tags description:

Tag Section Purpose
{categoryName} Group Header To display the category name of items
{group_subtotal} Group Footer Base amount total of item
{group_totaldicount} Group Footer Total discount of that category
{group_total} Group Footer Total of all items with tax values
{group_taxvaluebyname} Group Footer Bifurcate tax name with its value
{group_taxvaluebyrate} Group Footer Bifurcate tax with rate and name on receipt

After configuring Group Header and Footer your receipt will be printed as below:

Split receipt by item category

We have introduced one more way to split receipt in eZee Optimus, which is by item category.

You can find this option in Order summary and Dine In screen.

Set credit limit for city ledger

You’ll now be able to set the credit limit for city ledgers effortlessly in eZee Optimus.

To set the credit limit for particular city ledger, Go to: Back Office -> Master -> Account

If the credit limit is over for city ledger, the system will give an indication at that time as shown below:

Condition 1: If my opening balance is 1000 and credit limit is 120, below message will be displayed:

 Condition 2: If my opening balance is -1000 and credit limit is 120 then,
Formula: Credit Limit – balance  =  Total Credit Limit 
120   –   (-1000)  =   1120
So user’s credit limit is 1120.

Settlement option in outlet setting

We have added a settlement option among the other outlet settings.

Go to: Outlet -> Order Type Setting

Configure cash and bank in dine-in

Introduce round off types

You’ll now be able to round-off an amount, round up as well as round down in eZee Optimus.

To change the your round-off settings,

Go to: Back office -> Settings -> Display Setting -> Round Off

2. Now if round off settings is -1, it will reflect in a front side like

Go to: Ordering screen

Pax information configuration

You’ll now be able to take pax information in a better way before taking the order. You can change settings of showing, keeping mandatory or disabling pax configuration is from the back office.

1. Go to: Back Office -> Master -> Outlet

2. If only Pax feature is enabled then it will reflect in the front-office like:

Go to: Front Office -> Dine In

3. If Dine in order is taken only seat-wise and not pax wise, then you need to configure it in the back-office.

Go to: Back Office -> Outlet -> Seat wise

4. If the seat-wise feature is enabled, then the system will show the popup to select the seat while taking the order.

Go to: Front Office -> Dine In


Printing receipt by adding new tags

You’ll now be able to print receipts by adding proper and relevant tags.

1. If you want to print the total number of pax in the order, use {totalpax} tag in HEADER section. Go to: Back-office -> Setting -> Printing Template

2. Now bifurcate your tax or print customized name for tax details. For this, 2 new tags have been added: {taxvaluebyname}, {taxvaluebyrate} in Detail Footer Section.

Tax Value by name: As the name suggests, this tag will print the value of tax that has been applied to all ordered items. For example, Service charge tax is configured in all ordered items. So add this tag to the detail footer, give caption that you want to print on receipt and select the tax name from the drop-down.

Tax value by rate: You can bifurcate tax among their rates by this tag name. For example, you have Service Charge tax applied with 2 different rate i.e 5% and 12% and you wanted to show their value. Add this tag in detail footer, select tax name and enter rate of the tax to group tax by their rate.

3. If you want to print the delivery address in receipt, use {deliveryaddress} tag in HEADER section.

Go to: Back-office -> Settings -> Printing Template