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eZee Optimus Release

Integration with Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda and UberEats

eZee Optimus is now integrated with leading online food ordering portals viz. Zomato, FoodpandaSwiggy and UberEats.
Start grabbing and managing your online orders and multiply your revenue now.

Once you log into eZee Optimus, a screen will pop-up to give you more details about this integration.

New reports for Business Source and Waiter Commission

You will now be able to see reports of mapped commission plans with business source and waiters in Report section.

Go to: Reports -> Sales Reports -> Sales Commission Detail


Go to: Reports -> Sales Reports -> Sales Commission Summary


Manage address using address lookup

Using Address Lookup module, system will show you address suggestion in delivery manager, customer lookup, user and account module.
Add the Address in Address Lookup to show address suggestion.

Go to Back Office -> Master -> Address Lookup

Now, the address is coming as a suggestion in another module as below:

Go to Front Office -> Customer Lookup

Go to Front Office -> Delivery Manager

Go to Back Office -> Settings -> User

Go to Back Office -> Master -> Account

Guest name included in Sales Detail and Payment Detail report

We have now included Guest Name in Sales Detail Report when the order is taken with the guest name.

Go to Front Office -> Reports -> Back Office Reports -> Sales Detail

Now, Guest name will be shown in Payment Detail Report when the order is settled.

Go to Front Office -> Reports -> Back Office Reports -> Payment Detail

City Ledger and Suppliers added in Account Module

Opening balance can be credited or debited when the account is created.

Now, you can credit and debit the payment from your customers using Pay and Recieve option.

Business source configuration

You can now configure business sources in eZee Optimus.

Step 1: Activate Business Source option in relevant order type
Go to: Back Office -> Master -> Outlet

Step 2: Create Business Source
Go to: Back Office -> Master -> Business Source

Step 3: Record Business Source details in the order from Order Information screen

Step 4: You can filter sales records by the business source in Sales Detail and Sales Summary reports. You can also get business source wise sales statistics in Sales By Variable report.