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eZee Optimus Release

[New Launch] RapidServe – eZee Optimus Order Taking App

By using this restaurant mobile order taking app, your waiters will be able to take orders from the portable devices like; mobile and tablet. Moreover, this app can even be used during the absence of an internet connection.

Order management is indeed an important part of a restaurant. And this restaurant ordering app for waiters will streamline that aspect of your restaurant management in the simplest way.

iLoyalty Integration with eZee Optimus

This integration includes the following functionalities:
1. Add new card
2. Redeem and earn points
3. Redeem discount.

To activate iLoyalty for an outlet, Go to General settings and find an option for activating iLoyalty.

As soon as you activate it, you’ll see a new tab iLoyalty Settings for iLoyalty related configuration.

Auth Code and Location Code: are something like credentials to use the iLoyalty operations and can be found in iLoyalty configuration panel. Without these two parameters, iLoyalty won’t work.

Click on Check Button to check whether the entered credentials are correct or not.

Discount: When the iLoyalty discount is given on a receipt, the system will apply the discount by using its information, configured in this field.

City Ledger: The city ledger account in which the amount equivalent to redeemed points will be posted. This city ledger will not be listed in the “Credit” section of settlement screen.

Points Exchange Rate: When iLoyalty points are redeemed, the amount to be settled will be calculated according to the exchange rate configured here.

For e.g., Let’s say the exchange rate is set to 5 Points (1 Rs = 5 Points), now if 100 points are redeemed, then 20 Rs of the amount will be settled for that receipt.

Mobile Number as iLoyalty Card Number: When this setting is ON, the mobile number of the guest will be used as iLoyalty card number for redeeming and rewarding. When OFF, you need to enable iLoyalty Card Number in General Settings section -> Order Type Settings.

Front Operation

Front Office > Order Screen

You’ll find the iLoyalty option on the settlement screen. You’ll find this only when the iLoyalty is enabled for the outlet.

When clicked on the button, You’ll see the following screen to swipe the card where you’ll have to enter the iLoyalty card number if it’s not found in the guest details.

Redemption of Points

When the reward type of the card is POINTS, you’ll see the Balance of Points. You’ll be asked to enter the points to redeem followed by the OTP if the OTP System is enabled in iLoyalty Configuration Panel.

Once the redeem process is finished, the exchange amount for the redeemed points (as configured in the outlet) will be settled for the receipt and same will get posted to the configured city ledger account.

Once the redeem process is finished, the exchange amount for the redeemed points (as configured in the outlet) will be settled for the receipt and same will get posted to the configured city ledger account.

When the full settlement is done, the guest will earn points as per the rules applicable to the card type. You can configure the rules in Card Reward section of iLoyalty Configuration Panel.

Redemption of Discount

When the reward type of the card is a DISCOUNT, You’ll be asked to apply the discount.

Once the redeem process is finished, the receipt level discount (with the information of discount as configured in the outlet) will be applied with the amount given by iLoyalty System.

Add Vendor Wise Item In PO

Introduce an option to fetch Vendor Catalog price at a time of generating a new purchase order.

It will pick price as well as a tax which are configured in a vendor catalog.

When an item is not available in the catalog or vendor is not selected on Purchase Order, the system will pick outlet price and tax for a new item in PO.

Goto: Back Office -> Master ->Outlet

Goto: Back Office -> Inventory -> Vendor Catalog


Goto: Front Office >> Inventory >> Purchase Order

Introduce Default Purchase Unit

Some items have multiple units at the time of purchase, but if you want to purchase with one default unit than this feature is helpful. Select the default purchase unit from the inventory item and it will show default unit in the Purchase order and Goods Receipt Number. This feature is optional.

Goto: Back Office -> Inventory -> Inventory Item


Outlet Setting

Here, we’ve introduced the feature for the outlet. Hence, from now, you’ll be able to use the outlet both as Inventory Modules or for taking orders like Dine-In, Take away, etc.

For configure outlet setting Goto: Back Office >> Master >> Outlet

(Outlet) = DineIn,TakeAway,RoomService,etc.

(Store) = Purchase Order, GRN, etc

BOTH : – We can see the Outlet and Store Modules

OUTLET : – We can see the Outlet Modules

STORE : – We can see the Store Modules

Physical Stock Taking Report

This report provides data for taking physical stock by item category or storage area. It helps a storekeeper to take a print out or export all information which is needed for stock counting.

A report has an option to include Book Stock field.

To get the report go to:  Front Office -> Report -> Stock Report -> Physical Stock Taking

and Report Looks like :

Auto Extra Charge Setting

We’ve introduced a new auto extra charge setting. It’ll help you add extra charge automatically whenever you’ll punch a new order. This auto extra charge setting works outlet wise.

To configure auto extra charge in outlet go to Back Office -> Outlet -> Order Type Setting

It Looks Like :