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eZee Optimus Release

Custom columns in Sales Detail Report for POS to PMS posting

We have added three new custom columns called “Reservation Number“, “Folio No” and “Room No” for eZee Optimus to eZee Absolute room posting in Sales Detail Report.

Custom tax fields in Sales Reports

We have added custom tax fields in Sales Reports. For the tax amount bifurcation, we have given a provision in configuration panel where the user can configure the taxes.

eZee Optimus Configuration -> Settings -> Display Settings -> Tax Bifurcation for sales report

Select the taxes from here which you want to show in the sales reports.

Go to ordering screen and take the order in which these taxes are added and then go to Reports -> Sales Report -> Sales Detail Report OR

Reports -> Sales Report -> Sales Summary Report

You can change the name of this tax like Tax1 is Service Tax, Tax 2 is VAT; as per your requirements.

GST India Report

We have added two new columns called Receiver Name and Applicable % of Tax Rate for business to business (B2B) and business to customer small(B2CS) in GST India Report.

Nimubus SMS Integration

We have integrated a new SMS provider Nimbus with eZee Optimus. You can configure your Nimbus account credentials to send SMS notifications to the guests directly from the system.

Integration with Zomato

Keeping pace with the current vogue in the industry, we’ve integrated eZee Optimus with the food delivery company, Zomato to help you manage your online orders right from the system.

You’ll be able to handle the following operations with the help of this integration:
1) Sync restaurant menu with Zomato
2) Online order integration
3) Change the following types of order statuses from POS:
– Confirmation of order
– Order rejection
– Dispatch order
– Delivery of order
– Auto rejection POS order by Zomato if no action taken from POS in a particular time period

Introducing Custom Invoice Template

The new feature in eZee Optimus can be used to create custom invoices for restaurants.

Through this feature, anyone at your restaurant can design and create an invoice without any technical knowledge.

To design the invoice template, go to Back Office -> Inventory -> Voucher Template

Step 1:
Add new invoice and configure it.

Step 2:
Here, add the cell and start designing elements like Font-Color, Back-Color, Alignment, Font, Font-Size, Font-Style, Border Sides this all property set to the particular cell.

Also, a page setting Like A4 or Letter page, Orientation Setting Portrait and Landscape, Set the margin for page Top, Bottom, Left, Right

Step 3:
The invoice will look like:

Company information while taking orders

We have added new settings to introduce GSTIN Number as Registration Number and address for all order types.

You can configure it in: Outlet -> Order Type Setting
The system will ask the Reg. No and address at the time of taking any order.

Also, we have added three captions – State caption, Zipcode caption, and Guest Registration Caption in configuration Panel: Settings -> Setting -> Captions

The user can configure his captions here. They will be reflected in the whole system where the captions occur as a custom caption which is added by the user in the configuration panel.

Introducing Vendor Catalog in Inventory Module

We have added a new feature Vendor Catalog for in the Inventory Module, in which the buyer can see the estimated amount for different items from a particular vendor to purchase the item, and compare prices given by vendors. This will help them decide on the vendor to buy from with the best price and quality.

For this feature, go to: eZee Optimus Configuration Panel : Inventory -> Vendor Catalog

Introducing Stock Transfer in Inventory Management Module

This module will help restaurant chains to keep records of Stock Items which are shipped/transferred from one outlet to another.

The users will be able to change item reports that were transferred in a particular date range.
Go to: Front Office -> Stock Transfer