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Needs to Run Hello Service every time to run Mykad / ID scanner to run the interface. – ID Scanner.

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If any client or reseller complains that every time to run the interface correct. They need to run Hello Link in the browser to get the ID scanner or Mykad to work. We need to troubleshoot some steps.

  1. It can be possible that the ID scanner Host file license is expired and due to this reason, the client or reseller has to run the link in the browser again and again.
  2. To resolve the concern we need to open the file Integration Services to find the correct file, if it is for Mykad copy the download link for Mykad and if it is for the ID scanner copy the download link and paste it to eZee folder where integration files are added.
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Please make sure we select the correct folders based on integration and paste the files.

We can run the link again to check if it gives a hello message without any message or unsecured connection.

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Once we get the above message, we can inform the client that this will never happen again. They will be able to use Mykad always without running the Test URL again and again.