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Is it possible to use one single card for door lock as well as for loyalty?

we do have an interface of Keycard Door lock in eZee Burrp as well if you want to use one single card for the door lock as well as for loyalty.

USE: There are such key cards available in the market which you can use for a door lock to unlock the door as well as same can be used as loyalty cards.

When guest check In, first we need to generate a key with the help of the encoder in order to unlock the room and then you can swipe the same card from loyalty card module so that it can fetch the guest details in the loyalty card module which can be useful for the guest during the entire stay in the hotel. guest can go cashless for the entire stay and use the paid amenities of the hotel as well as can have the food from the restaurant.

Once you set up the doorlock here then you just once need to swipe the card from POS back office in order to fetch the guest details in loyalty card module as below.

Feel free to contact us on live chat support if you have any further queries on the same.

Thank You.