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How to unlock Maintenance Block (Unblock Rooms) in Ezee Absolute?

eZee absolute PMS >> Housekeeping >> Maintanance block list
eZee absolute PMS >> Stay view >> Click on the blocked room to get the option of unblock or edit block room.

User Privilege: eZee absolute >> Go to Configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> House keeping >> Access to Unblock room.

Screenshot 1:  eZee absolute >> Housekeeping >> Maintenance Blocklist

Screenshot 2: eZee absolute >> Housekeeping >> Maintenance Blocklist  >> select Unblock room as per below screenshot.

Screenshot 3: eZee absolute >> Stay view > select blocked room.

Select the Unblock room option by click on that particular block room as per the display on the above screenshot.

Screenshot 4:

Select the Unblock date for which you want to unblock that room as per provided above screenshot.


Note: If the above window not able to open by selecting the Unblock room tab then click CTRL + F5 Button and check again.