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Is it possible to show two different languages on receipt for menu items?

Yes, It is possible to display 2 different names of a single menu item on the receipt.

Step-1: Import the language which you want to display after the default one on the receipt.

Step-2: First of all you need to set the menu item name which you need to display as custom 1. (Refer the Screenshot below)

once you have done with the name change for all the menu items move on to step -3.
(Note: You can export the menu item list, make changes in the Name1 column and then import it again )

Step -3 : Go to Tools >> Windows Printer template >> Edit
             1. Insert another field for ” Item name“.
2. Set the template language as custom 1 (Refer the screenshot for the same)

Once you have done with the configuration for the language, Punch the order from eZee Burrp and generate the receipt. Results will be like below: