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Is it possible to print Kot/Bills from MAC in eZee Optimus?

Yes, It is possible to print Kot/Bills From MAC.

To Setup the KOT/Bills printing from MAC, We need to install EOP services in MAC.


  1. Check if Java is installed on the Mac Machine.
    1. Open Terminal from Spotlight Search.
    2. Type java -version
    3. If it throws an error then download the JDK from the following URL. Otherwise no need to download.
    5. Double click on the .dmg to install once downloaded.
  1. Download EOP from the following URL.
    2. Save it in a new folder on Desktop or any other folder. DON’T KEEP IT DIRECTLY ON DESKTOP.
    3. After downloading this file, Right click on it and select “Open with Jar launcher”.
    4. It should start successfully.

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