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Is it possible to do Undo check-in in eZee Absolute?

Yes, it is possible.

How to Access: In order to perform undo check-in operation please follow the below steps and video

Note : But please note that it is possible only for the guest checked in via reservation, not for direct check-in guests.

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Front Office >> Access to Allow Undo Check In.

Location: right-click on guest name >>> click on Undo check-in.
And this can be done before night audit only.

Screenshot 1:

Another way is from Arrival List

Location: Front Office >> Arrival List >> Search >> Guest Checked in today >> Search >> Right-click on guest name >> Undo Check-in/Dayuse

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:


Is it possible to do Undo check-in in eZee Absolute 2.0?

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