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Is it Possible to apply Auto Stop sell from the channel manager based on time schedules?

Yes, now we can schedule auto stop sell on the OTA from the channel manager The new feature “Auto Stop sellenables the user to schedule the time-based stop sell. If the user wants to set the stop sell for some specific day of the week after a fixed number of hours then we can schedule it from the Auto Stop Sell feature.

eZee Centrix >> Click on Three lines Left-Hand corner >> Auto Stop sell

User Privilege: eZee Centrix >> User >> Edit Record >> Privileges >> ReservationConfiguration >> Deals & Stop Sell

Screenshot 1 & 2:  eZee Centrix >> Auto Stopsell

Once you click on the above option, you will get the below screen, in which you can see the list of the days of the week with a respective stop sell status and hours.

Screenshot 3:  As you can see in the screenshot below, you just have to specify the time for the respective day of the week and change the status. Once you save the setting the stop sell will be scheduled and will be automatically activated as per the scheduled time.


  • This will work according to the property’s time zone. 
  • You can set the time in 24 hours format from the hour’s field. 
  • For Ex. if you want to set the stop sell after 5:00 PM, so you have to select 17 in the hour’s field
  • Stop sell will be applied on all mapped rate plans of all connected OTA’s in the property.
  • Stop sell will be applied on a day-to-day basis according to the setting, it will not be continued for the next date.