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Important #TripAdvisor steps with screenshot

Please follow the below steps and check the attachment for screenshot:
Step 1 : Goto TripAdvisor >> Select My Business

Step 2 : Goto Product >> Select Instant Booking

Step 3 : Select Check Eligiblity

Step 4 : Check whether the partner name is eZee technosys ? if yes then click on Correct

Step 5 : Check property address and eZee Hotel code (If correct then click on Continue)

Step 6 : Then select the check In and check out dates of 1 day to check and verify the rates and cancellation policy. (if all correct then go-to next steps by selecting Correct)

Step 7 : Then there is a selection of Commission plan which client want to provide it to TripAdvisor (once they select the commission then need to click on Continue).

Step 8 : Once commission has been selected client has to fill up the personal details of Bank and also property details.
Steps 9 : Once they fill up the details they need to click on Continue after that their property will be activated by verified details by TripAdvisor team.

Above steps need to done after we activate API code and 48 hours of activation.