I am not able to login to my absolute account. It shows “Your user account does not have rights to access Front Office”.

Before we check the solution, let us understand the reason behind such message

Reason: eZee Absolute is a cloud-based system thereby, considering a security factor, we have a privilege for the user account to login through specific IP address only.

If we want the user to login only through particular IP address then, we need to set IP Config or if we want to give Global access to the user, we need to set the privilege accordingly.

Solution: Login into eZee Absolute Configuration >> Under “Users List” >> Check for a privilege named “Global Access” or “Access to open IP” (Based on our preference, we can give privilege/access to the user) **Refer attached screenshot**

Global Access: If a user has this privilege, the user will be able to log-in from anywhere.

Access to open an IP: This is given when the owner does not want to give global access and also wants to keep a check on all IP from where his staff logs in to the PMS. The user when attempts to log-in, will be prompted to enter the IP address, which will then be saved in audit reports.


If the user does not have either of these rights, the IP of the hotel network should be added to the IP config list as shown in the below screenshot.