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HTTP could not register URL Http://+:1212/eZeeIDscannerService. – ID Scanner.

If we see the above message while opening the ID scanner file, we need to check the Task manager.

  1. It can be possible that the ID scanner Host file is running but, it might be possible that the port number which is connected with the ID scanner is used by another port. It is not able to make a secure connection with eZee host file.
  1. We can open the Task manager End task eZee Service and Reopen again as an Administrator.
  1. Once we perform the above operation, it should start the service and we should be able to fetch the data from the ID scanner.

The above solution should be able to resolve the concern with HTTP could not register the URL. It will allow us the run the service and, we should be able to generate id or passport data from absolute.