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How to void payment/receipt in eA?

The scenario occurred when some time we received the payment from the guest after that guest cancelled the booking, Some time the booking get settled in City ledger auto but due to cancellation that amount is showing in booking so we can void / delete the payment of the guests.

How to access : In order to void the payment/receipt from the guest please refer the below videos.

Void payment at folio : We can void the payment at Folio.

Void Payment at Night Audit : If we have unsettled folio in night audit we can also void the payment at night Audit.

Void Payment at Cashiering center : We can also void the payment at cashiering center

User Privileges : eZee Configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Void item on open date & void item on Audited date

How to access : login in eZee Front office and refer to the below screenshots.

Screenshot 1 : Edit Transaction >> Folio Detail

Screenshot 2 :

Screenshot 3 :

Report : Report >> Audit report >> Void Payment report.

The report is pulling out as per the system date means on the calendar date the payment get voided.