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How to use of Pantry Message in eZee Burrp?

What is Pantry?

A pantry is a room where beverages, food, and sometimes dishes, household cleaning chemicals, linens, or provisions are stored. Food and beverage pantries serve in an ancillary capacity to the kitchen.

Pantry Message :

Pantry message is use to pass message to the Kitchen or Bar for any order to give special instruction for serve items. It is different from Preparation remark usually added while taking order from the Guest.

Steps and screen shot to use it. 

1) Configure Pantry Message from eZee POS BackOffice (Refer. Screenshot 1)

Screenshot 1) – To Create or Add Pantry Message

2) Restart eZee POS Burrp

3) Punch order and system will send KOT to the related department(Kitech/Bar)

Screenshot 2) To use Pantry Message on Order

4) Then Recall the same order and reprint KOT, at this time we can select the Pantry message to server menu items.

Screenshot 3) How Pantry Message will be display on KOT.