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How to use Guest Portal in eZee Absolute?

To use Guest Portal Service, please refer following steps with screenshots;

Step 1: Activate Guest Portal 

Path: Go to eZee Absolute Configuration >> Settings >> Others >> Guest Portal Settings >> then activate the Guest Portal and set the visibility settles, general settings, and Property Map as per your preference. (Refer below screenshot)

Step 2: Configure the Email template that will be sent to guest along with the Guest Portal link.

Path: Login to eZee Absolute Configuration >> Go To Master Tab>>>>Email Marketing & Scheduling >> Click on NEW template and then configure the template as per your requirement(Refer below screenshot for your reference)

ScreenShot 1:

Screenshot 2

ScreenShot 3

Now, you are done with the configuration.

Further, while you will take a reservation an email will be sent to guest along the guest portal link. The guest needs to click on the link and an web application will open on his/her smart device.

Moreover, Lets see How the Guest Portal will look like when the guest will open. (Refer below screenshot to have a first look on guest portal at guest’s end.)

As shown in above screenshot, guest portal hold features like Confirm your Check-In, Need Transport, Manage Profile, Modify Booking, Cancel booking, Check You Bill and lot more.

Guest will click on appropriate option/button and perform operation accordingly.

Once the operation/request is performed by guest, Front office Manager/Executive will receive a notification on eZee Absolute Front office. (Refer below screenshot to have a look at it)

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot: 2


Screenshot 3:

Here, the hotelier can APPROVE or REJECT the request received from guest.

This is all we have in Guest Portal Feature.

Note : 

We have few automation processes for the requests registered from the Guest Portal.
“Confirm Your Check In” will be partially and “Manage Profile” requests will be fully automated in the Guest Portal.
All the Guest Portal requests will be approved/rejected by the hotelier from the Front Office => Guest Portal page

Type of requests which can be registered from the Guest Portal need to approved/rejected by the hotelier from the Front Office => Guest Portal

1) Check In Request (Going to be automated)
I) Arrival Time Request (Going to be automated)
II) Special Request (Going to be automated)
III) Pickup Request (Approve/Reject by Hotelier)
2) Transportation Request (Approve/Reject by Hotelier)
3) Manage Profile Request (Going to be automated)
4) Stay Change Request (Approve/Reject by Hotelier)
5) Room Change Request (Approve/Reject by Hotelier)
6) Pax Change Request (Approve/Reject by Hotelier)
7) Cancel Booking Request (Approve/Reject by Hotelier)
8) Delete Profile Request (Approve/Reject by Hotelier)

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