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How to use Guest Portal in eZee Absolute?

To use Guest Portal Service, please refer following steps with screenshots;

Step 1: Activate Guest Portal 

Path: Go to eZee Absolute Configuration >> Settings >> Others >> Guest Portal Settings >> then activate the Guest Portal and set the visibility settles, general settings, and Property Map as per your preference. (Refer below screenshot)

Step 2: Configure the Email template that will be sent to guest along with the Guest Portal link.

Path: Login to eZee Absolute Configuration >> Go To Master Tab>>>>Email Marketing & Scheduling >> Click on NEW template and then configure the template as per your requirement(Refer below screenshot for your reference)

ScreenShot 1:

Screenshot 2

ScreenShot 3

Now, you are done with the configuration.

Further, while you will take a reservation an email will be sent to guest along the guest portal link. The guest needs to click on the link and an web application will open on his/her smart device.

Moreover, Lets see How the Guest Portal will look like when the guest will open. (Refer below screenshot to have a first look on guest portal at guest’s end.)

As shown in above screenshot, guest portal hold features like Confirm your Check-In, Need Transport, Manage Profile, Modify Booking, Cancel booking, Check You Bill and lot more.

Guest will click on appropriate option/button and perform operation accordingly.

Once the operation/request is performed by guest, Front office Manager/Executive will receive a notification on eZee Absolute Front office. (Refer below screenshot to have a look at it)

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot: 2


Screenshot 3:

Here, the hotelier can APPROVE or REJECT the request received from guest.

This is all we have in Guest Portal Feature.

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