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How to update Inventory/Rates/Stop sell and other data from New Extranet (eZee Rise) for 15 days at ones?

Refer to the below-attached video for the same,

If you need to update any data for a particular day, you can use Rates & Inventory and update data for particular days.

We can see 15 days here, so you can update a calendar and click on next to update the next 15 date data.

Select a particular date and update your value, after that click on save to save data.

Source: Select your source, OTA Common pool to update data for OTA, Web source to update data for the booking engine.

Rate/Extra Adult Rates/Min Night etc: Select you operation from dropdown and update.

Copy: If you need to copy the same value for the other 14 days, enter a value for one day and click on  copy the same value on other dates.

Multiply/Addition factor:  If you need to add or multiply your rates direct, you can add value here and it will update rates as per multiply/addition factor.

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