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How to update Inventory/Rates/Stop sell and other data from New Extranet (eZee Rise) for 15 days at ones?

Refer to the below attached video for the same,

If you need to update any data for a particular day, you can use Rates & Inventory and update data for particular days.

We can see 15 days here, so you can update a calendar and click on next to update the next 15 date data.

Select a particular date and update your value, after that click on save to save data.

Source: Select your source, OTA Common pool to update data for OTA, Web source to update data for the booking engine.

Rate/Extra Adult Rates/Min Night etc: Select you operation from dropdown and update.

Copy: If you need to copy the same value for the other 14 days, enter a value for one day and click on  copy the same value on other dates.

Multiply/Addition factor:  If you need to add or multiply your rates direct, you can add value here and it will update rates as per multiply/addition factor.