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How to update for multiple dates at the same time, in New Extranet(eZee Rise)? (Distribution wizard)

Refer to the below attached video for the same,

If you need to update values for a particular time period, they can use Distribution Wizard, where they can add more then one date/rate plan.

Note: In Distribution Wizard, you can select multiple room type/rate plan at a time and also multiple dates/months.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

  1. Source: Select your source to update, If you need to update for OTA select OTA Common Pool and if you need to update for Booking engine, select WEB source.
  2. Select Update: Select your Operation which you need to perform.
  3. Room Type/ Rate plan: Select your rate plan/Room type to update, so you can select multiple entries at the same time here.

Screenshot 3:

  1. Select Date Range: Select your dates here.
  2. Start Date/End Date: You can add multiple dates here, to add more dates slots you can click on ADD ANOTHER. To remove click on Remove button.
  3. Next: To move the next step, click on Next.

Screenshot 4:

  1. Apply on: Select your option for weekdays/weekend or Every day here, if you only need to update weekends data, then select Weekday/Weekend, so the system only updates weekends data, or to update every dates you can select Every Day.
  2. Enter data: you can update your data here, if you select Rates to update you can update Bast Rate, Adult Rate, and Child Rates, if you select inventory then you can update inventory (Screenshot 5) and same as if you select Min Night you can enter a value for the minimum night.

Screenshot 5:

Screenshot 6:

  1. Apply on: Select your option to apply stop sell, Every day or Weekday/Weekends.
  2. Data: Click on a button to activate it so it turns blue and to remove click on a blue button.
  3. Update: Finally entry or change all data, click on Update to finished. since this system will update data in a few minutes, you will get notified of the update.

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