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How to update Data for bulk dates in New Extranet (eZee Rise)? (Bulk Update)

If you need to update data in bulk, like for more than 1 month, then they can use Bulk Update.

Note: In a Bulk update, you can update data for one Room Type/Rate plan at a time for more than 1 month.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

  1. Source/Room Type/Dates:
    1. Source: Select your source, If you need to update for OTA then select OTA common pool or if you need to update for booking engine select WEB source.
    2. Room Type: Select your room type one at a time to update
    3. Dates: Select you’re From date to date, you can select more than 1 months.
  2. Select for Update: Select your operation for an update: Rates, Inventory, Min Nifhr, Stop Sell, etc
  3. Inventory: If you are going to update inventory, enter your value here, so it will update for selected dates.
  4. Rate Plan: Select one rate plan at a time to update.
  5. Rates: If you are going to update rates you can update here.
  6. Min Night: If you are going to update minimum night, enter your value here.
  7. Stop Sell: If you need to apply stop sell for selected dates, check mark on option and update, if you need to remove stop sell, click Off and update.

Screenshot 3: