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How to update Data for bulk dates in New Extranet (eZee Rise)? (Bulk Update)

Refer to the below attached video for the same,

If you need to update data in bulk, like for more than 1 month, then they can use Bulk Update.

Note: In a Bulk update, you can update data for one Room Type/Rate plan at a time for more than 1 month.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

  1. Source/Room Type/Dates:
    1. Source: Select your source, If you need to update for OTA then select OTA common pool or if you need to update for booking engine select WEB source.
    2. Room Type: Select your room type one at a time to update
    3. Dates: Select you’re From date to date, you can select more than 1 months.
  2. Select for Update: Select your operation for an update: Rates, Inventory, Min Nifhr, Stop Sell, etc
  3. Inventory: If you are going to update inventory, enter your value here, so it will update for selected dates.
  4. Rate Plan: Select one rate plan at a time to update.
  5. Rates: If you are going to update rates you can update here.
  6. Min Night: If you are going to update minimum night, enter your value here.
  7. Stop Sell: If you need to apply stop sell for selected dates, check mark on option and update, if you need to remove stop sell, click Off and update.

Screenshot 3:













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