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How to transfer balance to a folio?

We have an feature in eZee Absolute that we can transfer the balance to the another folio / room.

This is need when two guest are staying in our hotel and only will be paid the bill so in that scenario we can move the balance of the source guest to destination guest ( Who will pay whole balance ).

How to Access : In order to transfer the balance of the please refer to the below steps given in detailed.

Path : Edit transaction >> Folio Detail >> Transfer >> Balance Transfer >> Add >> Click on Select (Destination Folio)

Screenshot 1 : Click on the guest >> Edit Tramsaction

Screenshot 2 : Folio detail >> Transfer >> Balance Transfer >> Add

Screenshot 3 : If the folio is showing click on Select else we can search the folio as per the given search criteria.

Screenshot 4 : Once balance Transferred we will get success message

Report : We can refer the Audit Trail report without select any option so we can see the details at Operation : Balance Transfer

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