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How to take payment (Settle Bill-Cash or Card) in eZee Absolute 2.0?

When the guest will pay an amount against the room charges then we can make an entry of that payment in the system by cash or bank.

We can make an entry of the payment collected from the guest by Cash or bank and we can select a sub-type method by which the guest paid the charges in the cash/bank master type. Ex: bank  >> Credit card / Net banking.

Location:  Edit Reservation >> Folio Operations (Tab) >> Add Payment >> (Select) Type = Cash/Bank>> (Select Pay Method) Cash/Card >> Enter Amount >> ADD.

User Privilege: eZee Absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Add item to Open Folio, Add item to Close Folio, Add item on Audited Date.

Report: We can also see the report on the payment which we collected from the guest in the daily receipt – details report and daily receipt detail – summary.

1). Daily Receipt – Details: We can see the payment for each booking with payment type for the selected date period.

2). Daily Receipt – Summary: We can see the detailed information/Summary for each payment type and as per users as well.

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