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How to split Folio (separate extra charges and Room Charges) for booking in eZee Absolute?

Path: Edit Transaction/Room >> Folio Detail (Tab)

Screenshot 1 : 

Screenshot 2 : Create “New Folio”

Screenshot 3 : Select “Generate invoice number on/post checkout” when you want to generate a separate invoice for this extra folio and click on save

Screenshot 4 : Once new folio generated then select Split Folio option.

Screenshot 5: Click on the Search icon to select the destination folio in which you are referring to split the charges.

Screenshot 6: Select Folio.
(default system will show the inhouse guests folio in you need another one you can search by the criteria shown)

Screenshot 7: Split the charges from Source folio to destination Folio by selecting the charges and click on Arrow ( >> ).