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How to split Folio (separate extra charges and Room Charges) for booking in eZee Absolute?

Sometimes guests want to have separate bills for there room charges and extra charges as the main bill needs to be submitted to the company or so, that is the reason they would request us for the same.

How to Access: In order to perform split folio operation please follow the below steps and video.

Location: Edit Transaction/Room >> Folio Detail (Tab)

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Open Folio, Add item to Open Folio, Transfer item from Folio, Create New Folio.

Screenshot 1 : 

Screenshot 2 : Create “New Folio”

Screenshot 3 : Select “Generate invoice number on/post checkout” when you want to generate a separate invoice for this extra folio and click on save

Screenshot 4 : Once new folio generated then select Split Folio option.

Screenshot 5: Click on the Search icon to select the destination folio in which you are referring to split the charges.

Screenshot 6: Select Folio.
(default system will show the inhouse guests folio in you need another one you can search by the criteria shown)

Screenshot 7: Split the charges from Source folio to destination Folio by selecting the charges and click on Arrow ( >> ).

Report: Select Folio list from the Report tab under Back Office Report Tab.