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How to specify selected rate plan to Travel Agent?

This registration is for travel agent only…this is not common registration
so it will not register category wise

1) Sign up as “Travel Agent
Firat we have opened the Property then Setting->Property->Booking page-> Visibility Setting.
And enable the both option.
Please refer the below screen shot.

2)Register the Travel Agent:-



3) Once you register the Travel Agent open the property select  MASTER-> TRAVEL AGENT. Select Waiting authorization
Please refer the below screenshot:
                 1 Select Waiting authorization

2 Click on authorization button. Pop-up  menu has been opened apply the discount as per hotiler/ travel agent

3 After sign up an account, the “Travel Agent” will receive the email notification with login credentials and at the same time, hotelier needs to verify this registered guest. At the same time when user performing account verification, they have to choose what rate plan(s) make available to the particular “Travel Agent
4)Once above all process Done. Then go to MASTER-> MANAGE ROOM-> RATE PLAN