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How to show uploaded images on the HTML template in eZee Frontdesk version 7.0?

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Miscellaneous >> Letter Template >> New >> HTML Template

How to access?
Kindly follow the below steps.

CASE – 1

Screenshot 1: Open the property website where the image is uploaded in the browser. Right-click on the image and click on “Copy image address”.

Screenshot 2: Open new tab >> Paste the image address and check whether it is working or not.

Screenshot 3: Goto: eZee Front desk configuration >> Miscellaneous >> Letter Template >> Existing/New ( It should be the HTML template).

Screenshot 4: Go to: Image >> Paste the link on ‘Picture Source’ >> Save

Screenshot 5: The image will be visible on the letter template >> Save.

CASE – 2

Screenshot 1:  If the image is to be uploaded through google drive.  You need to create a folder and upload:
1. Image
2. Create a doc file in your folder and then place the image into doc file
Right-click on image >> Get Shareable link.

Screenshot 2: Click on Sharing settings
Screenshot 3:  Click on advance

Screenshot 4: Click on change
Screenshot 5: Select On- Public on the web

Screenshot 6: Open the doc file >> Copy image.
Open the link:
Paste the image over here.

Screenshot 7: Click on convert to clean HTML.
Copy the HTML code

Screenshot 8: Click on the HTML text icon.

Screenshot 9:
Copy the HTML code in this HTML text >> Ok

Screenshot 10: The image will be then visible on the letter template >> Save


Note: Do not remove doc file from the folder.