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How to setup receipt/bill printer in eZee Optimus?

eZee Optimus Printing Process

Check List:

  1. The printer should be connected to the machine, must install printer drives and the test print should be working fine.

  2. Machine IP address must be Fix / Static
  3. LAN/ WiFi/ Network printer/ USB connection should be there between the printer and the computer on which Optimus printing service is installed or Printer and the computer should be in the same ethernet connection.
  4. If using a Mobile phone or Tablet for ordering, It should be connected through the wifi on the same network.

eZee Optimus: Printer Support

eZee Printer Service / EOP V 2.0: Will work with the printer driver

  • Windows PC, iOS Mac, Linux

Ethernet Printer: Will work with Printer ePOS SDK

  • EPSON TM T-30, Any ePOS Supported Printer

Browser Printer: Will work with browser printing

  • Chrome, Mozilla and any Browser

Printer Configuration

Step 1: eZee Optimus >> Switch To Back 
Step 2: Setting >> General Setting >> Printing Setting

Step 3: Add Virtual Device: Receipt, BAR Printer, Kitchen Printer, etc

Step 4: Add Terminal ( Printer Configuration)

Step 6: Do Device Mapping (+) for KOT & Receipt

Here we need to understand printer connection type:

1. Browser: This is available for Receipt Printer Only. With this setting, all communication with the printer will be handled by the browser. So whatever printer is supported by the browser we can print a receipt on it.

2. Optimus Printing Services: Print on multiple printers.

  • Install Optimus Print Service on the Terminal or Printer server.
  • You can set up it on multiple bases on your hardware setup.
  • Connection type: Single printer: set  IP Address: or multiple printer: set a fixed IP (Static IP) of the machine.
  • After the installation is complete, when you’ll run the EOP for the first time, the following dialogue will appear. Click on Allow Access.

  • To check whether it has access or not, Navigate to Windows Control Panel, System and Security and Windows Firewall. Select Advanced settings and highlight Inbound Rules in the left pane
    Note: The EOP must be running on the same machine where the printer is installed.
  • Enter Optimus Code in EOP Service and “Save”

eZee Optimus Printer Service: Troubleshooting

A) Check printer service is running : Type  Terminal Machine IP:8006

If you don’t see above message, check firewall rules and restart the eO Printer Service.

B) Check if the printer service can send the prints to the printer.
Right-click on the EOP in the system tray. Click on the Printers. The screen shown in the following image will open.

● If the printing is working from this screen then it means that the printer service is connected to the printer.
● If not, check if the printer is connected to the machine. You can check it by printing a test page from printer preferences or printing a Notepad Document.
● If all of the above checkpoints are working fine. then move to the next point

C) Check Terminal configuration
● Check Device Name if it matches the name given in Printer Properties in Printer settings of the machine. It must be the same.

D) Service Installed on Different Machine
In case you’re sending a print from a different machine/tablet of the same network (other than the one in which the printer is connected)

● Make sure the EOP is running on the HOST.
● Perform the 1st step of troubleshooting in the CLIENT.
● The printing will work only if you can access the EOP from the CLIENT.
● If you don’t receive any acknowledgment than check the Windows Firewall/Defender Setting in HOST and Make sure the Java(TM) Platform SE binary is allowed all accesses in the public network.

Note: HOST – Machine in which the printer is connected and EOP is running.
CLIENT – Machine(s)/Device(s) in the same network other than the Host.

E) Firewall Setting (If Required)
Navigate to the Windows Control Panel, System and Security and Windows Firewall. Select Advanced settings and highlight Inbound Rules in the left pane. Find Java(TM) Platform SE Binary.

3. Ethernet: Optimus can print directly to a network printer without Optimus Print Service. But this Option is available for limited printers only (List the available printers). On the selection of this option, the system will ask for the IP address of that printer and enter 8043 in the port number field.

Ethernet: Troubleshooting

I) Check if the printer is in the network. Open terminal and ping IP of the printer. If connection times out, then the printer is not connected to the network

II) Check the IP and port in the terminal configuration.
● As stated in Terminal Configuration, In ethernet printing, the IP field should contain the IP of the printer instead of the machine itself. So please check if it’s right.
● The port should be 8043. If it doesn’t work, find the port in the printer utility (can be opened by typing the printer IP in the address bar of the browser)

4. EOP V2.0: EOP v2.0 setup allows printing without popup “Printing in Progress” also known as [Silent Printing]

Device Name: You have to enter your Printer Name in this column

IP: You have to enter the correct IP based on Connection Type
Please refer to the detail below for reference according to connection Type

Optimus Printing Service:- IP should be 127.0.01″ or your “Computer IP”
Ethernet:- Enter “Printer IP” and (Port) should be “8043”
EOP v2.0:- No need to use IP select URL “”

How to find a computer IP? (Click Here)
How to set a fixed IP/Static IP? (Click Here)

User Privilege:

  1. Access To Back Office
  2. Settings
  3. Terminal