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How to setup KOT and BOT printer in eZee Optimus?

KOT is a written document which is given to the kitchen in exchange of any dish or any item picked up from the kitchen. BOT is a written document similar to the KOT which is given to the bar in exchange of any beverages from the bar. … Establishes appropriate co-ordination between the kitchen & service personnel.

Step-1: Switch to Back.
(Path: Click on your user name >> Switch to Back)

Step-2: Go to settings >> Virtual Device >> Add Device.
Create a device as KOT and BOT.

Step-3: Go to Terminal >> Edit >> Add Device Mapping >> Add KOT and BOT Device.

Update the details by selecting KOT and BOT in a virtual device and define the printer then click on “Save”. In the Device name, mention the name of the printer.

Step-4: Go to Master >> Item >> Edit Item >> Mapp particular printer under “printing setting” for item >> Click on “Save” to update the setting

To update printing settings for multiple items in bulk please refer to below screenshot.
Video Tutorial:

Privilege Required to perform this Operation:

  1. Switch to back
  2. Terminal
  3. Items

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