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How to settle POS Invoice (Bill) By the Loyalty Card?

After generating receipt, Table shows some different icon (Dollar note), that indicates table is in receipt mode.

Receipt related option appears, after clicking on the table.

Click on “Settle Receipt” option, in order to take payment in the system, when Guest pays the bill amount.

Settlement Window appears with the bill detail and payment type.


  • Loyalty Card :  eZee POS does provide Loyalty Card / Gift Card module and issued can be used to redeem the points or balance.

Swipe Card or Enter the Card number manually, for issued card to the guest and system will fetch all the information or can search guest using the search option available on the window.


Enter the amount, guest has paid  in the “Amount Paid” field.

Once selected your payment method and required option, click on “ADD” button given on the Bottom left corner to complete payment process.