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How to set KOT printer in eZee POS Backoffice 7.0?

There are 2 different KOT printing settings available:
1) Separate KOT

2) Checkers KOT

eZee Burrp Back Ofice >> Tools >> Printer Template >> Windows or line printer >>Set  KOT template

1) What is separate KOT:  When your KOT has BAR, Kitchen etc menu items and you want to print it on different KOT printers, so you have to activate these settings.
Example: You have ordered Tikka masala, Absolute vodka.
Tikka masala should print on Kitchen Printer KOT and Absolute vodka should print on BAR Printer KOT.
Note: The setting of Printer can be set from Menu Item or on POS Room.

If Printer not set on Item It will print on POS Room’s Printer. In case printer not set on both Place, it won’t print KOT in Kitchen.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

2) What is checkers KOT: Checker KOT is mainly used for single KOT printer. It prints all Item on KOT. The user can customize from Template Setting. 

Screenshot 1: By using Order Type

Screenshot 2: By using Burrp setting

Note: All the settings will be applied after restarting the software.