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How to set Folio Routing (Set extra charges in separate folio) for booking in eZee Absolute 2.0 ?

Folio Routing: Routing rules configuration in guest folio means post charges automatically with another folio Like One folio apply with room charges and another with all extra charges. This operation is required when any guest visited in Hotel from the company and that company pays only applied room charges and other applied charges need to pay by guest and for that these extra charges move with another folio while printing Invoice.

How to access: In order to do Folio Routing refers to the below video and steps.

Location: Edit Reservation >>  Folio Operation (Tab)  >> Room/Folio >> +(Plus) Sign  >>  Save  >>  More   >>  Folio routing  >>  set extra charges to new folio.

User Privileges: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashering >> Create new Folio.

Screenshot 1 : Folio Operations >> Plus Sign (+) >> Select “Generate invoice number on/post-checkout” when you want to generate a separate invoice for this extra folio >> click on save

Screenshot 2:  Once new folio generated then select folio routing option from More option available.

Screenshot 3 : Select folio on which you want to post extra charges and select extra charges and taxes and click on Save.

Now If you post any charges to any of the folios of guest, it will get posted on routed folios only.